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Mission Team

Ulysses is a joint mission between ESA and NASA. ESA provided the spacecraft, which was built by Dornier Systems (now EADS Astrium), Germany, and manages the mission operations. NASA provided the Space Shuttle Discovery and the inertial upper stage and payload assist module to put Ulysses in its correct out-of-ecliptic orbit. NASA also provided the radioisotope thermoelectric generator which powers the spacecraft and its payload.

ESA Mission Manager & Project Scientist: Dr. Richard Marsden
Mission Operations Manager (ESOC): Mr. Nigel Angold
Spacecraft Operations Manager (ESOC): Mr. Fernando Castro
Ulysses Data System Coordinator (ESA): Dr. Cecil Tranquille
NASA/JPL Project Manager: Mr. Ed B. Massey
NASA/JPL Project Scientist: Dr. Edward J. Smith

ESTEC and ESOC are managing ESA's involvement in the mission and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is managing NASA's. Ulysses is tracked by NASA's Deep Space Network, which is managed by JPL.

A joint ESA/NASA team at JPL is overseeing spacecraft operations and data management. Teams from universities and research institutes in Europe and the US provide the science instruments.

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