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Integral diary by our man in Baikonur

Philippe in front of INTEGRAL

Philippe Sivac, responsible at ESA for INTEGRAL environmental testing, is even busier than usual as he has agreed to keep ESA Web Portal visitors posted on events at the Russian spaceport of Baikonur, in the run up to the Integral launch on Thursday, 17 October.

Philippe has been involved with INTEGRAL for nine years, almost since the beginning of the project. His job is to overlook all the tests on the satellite, which is why he is now at Baikonur to supervise the final checks that must take place before INTEGRAL receives the OK for launch. This is a very busy period and the culmination of almost 10 years of work for all those involved on the project.

Philippe has promised to take time out to keep us up to date, both in words and pictures, with INTEGRAL's preparation for launch on board a Russian Proton rocket. The launch campaign commenced on 17 August with INTEGRAL's arrival - by air from Schipol in the Netherlands.

Last Update: 09 November 2012

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