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Mission Team

Principal Investigator for Research with Adaptive Particle Imaging Detectors (RAPID)


Patrick Daly

Nationality: Canadian


 Patrick Daly was born in Toronto, Canada, and grew up in a suburb of Montreal, later moving on to other parts of Canada and Europe.

He obtained his Bachelor's degree in 1968 from Bishop's University (Lennoxville, Quebec) and his PhD in 1973 from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, after which he spent two years as a Post-Doc at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, United Kingdom. The subject of his PhD thesis and the work in Oxford was nuclear orientation at low temperatures.

Patrick then returned to Canada where he took up a 3-year Fellowship at the Herzberg Institute for Astrophysics with the National Research Council in Ottawa, where he was introduced to the subject of space plasma research. His first assignment sent him to the Arctic Circle to participate on a campaign to launch a rocket into the magnetospheric cusp.

In 1978, Patrick arrived at the Max-Planck-Institute for Aeronomy (now the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, MPS), Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany, for a 3-year visit as a research Stipendiat, investigating magnetospheric energetic particle data from the ISEE-1 and -2 satellites. Following that, he went to ESA’s Space Science Department at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) for 2 years, evaluating energetic particle data from the ISEE-3 satellite during its passages through the geomagnetic tail.

Patrick returned to the MPS in 1984 as a scientific staff member. After working on energetic particle data from the Giotto mission to Comet Halley, he became a Co-Investigator for the LASCO coronagraph on board SOHO, as well as for the CIS and RAPID experiments on Cluster. He was instrumental in establishing the Cluster Science Data System (CSDS).

After the retirement of Berend Wilken, Patrick took over the role of PI of the RAPID instrument just as the operations phase of Cluster started in 2001.

In July 2012, he officially retired, but agreed to continue part-time leading his group in Lindau.

Patrick lives in the university town of Göttingen where he feels very much at home with his German wife. He is a devoted scuba diver, making annual trips to Egypt to explore the Red Sea from below, and to capture (digitally) as many fish and corals as he can while they are still lively and colourful. He is co-author of  A Guide to LaTeX, a standard manual for this classical text processing system.

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