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Mission Team

Principal Investigator for PEACE


Andrew Fazakerley

Nationality: British

Mullard Space Science Laboratory, United Kingdom

Andrew Fazakerley is a Professor in the Space Plasma Physics Group at University College London's Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL).

Andrew obtained his Bachelor's degree and PhD at Imperial College London. The subject of the PhD thesis was plasma transport in the magnetosphere of Jupiter. After 2 years postdoctoral work at Imperial College, using dual-spacecraft data analysis techniques on ISEE-1 and -2 data to study waves in the Earth's magnetosheath, he was awarded a PPARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship to work at MSSL studying upstream waves and particles with dual-spacecraft AMPTE-UKS and –IRM data. He joined the academic staff as a lecturer in 1994.

Andrew's direct association with Cluster began in 1994 when the PEACE instrument PI, Alan Johnstone, nominated him as Deputy-PI, and he became involved in activities such as science planning, providing science inputs to the design of PEACE data products, producing the User Manual and making the case for a Cluster Archive. Following the failed launch of Cluster-I in 1996, and the success of the campaign to resurrect the mission as Cluster II, Professor Johnstone transferred the PI role to Andrew.

The opportunity to participate in the China-ESA Double Star mission arose during this period, and the early years of Cluster where characterised by overlapping of Cluster science and operations activities with the production of two single sensor PEACE instruments from one Cluster II spare and a Cluster I spare DPU, while making changes to comply with ITAR regulations. The two spacecraft Double Star mission saw operations from 2004-2008, producing data that was highly complementary to Cluster data.

Andrew's scientific interests include magnetotail dynamics, magnetic reconnection, linking solar wind features to their solar origin and auroral acceleration processes.

Andrew is married with two young children, which has temporarily reduced his participation in rock climbing, mountaineering and mountain marathons.

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