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The PRODEX Programme

Objectives and Conditions

As outlined in the ESA Council Declaration of 1986, the main objectives of the PRODEX Programme are to provide funding for the industrial development of scientific instruments or experiments, proposed by Institutes or Universities in the Participating States, that have been selected by ESA for one of its programmes in the various fields of space research (science, microgravity, earth observation, etc).

These scientific instruments or experiments are defined to be either hardware or software projects, the development of which shall be carried out in collaboration with the industry of the Participating States such as to help to improve relations between scientific and industrial circles. The instruments and experiments prepared at national level shall be selected by ESA in accordance with its own rules and procedures, i.e. in strict competition with the instruments and experiments from other Member States. No instrument or experiment not selected by ESA shall be funded under this programme. To manage this programme, a small team, the 'PRODEX Programme Office' was established at ESA/ESTEC.

Hierarchically, the Head of the PRODEX Office reports directly to the Director of Scientific Programmes and, in parallel, interacts directly with the Delegations of the Participating States on ail PRODEX matters.

ESA Council monitors and controls the execution of the PRODEX Programme and approves the annual budget. The Implementing Rules, as approved by ESA Council, define the conditions governing the execution of the PRODEX Programme and describe the means of interaction between the Participating States and ESA.

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