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How to Get Started with PRODEX

How to apply for a PRODEX Allocation


  • Any scientist wishing to obtain a PRODEX funding for his experiment should first ensure that his experiment is selected by ESA or assimilated to an ESA project.

  • The scientist will send his scientific and financial proposal to his National Authorities (the person to be contacted for each country can be found under 'The Projects').

  • Once reviewed by the National Authorities, a letter of approval will be send to the scientist and to the PRODEX Office with the new allocation.

  • The PRODEX Office will then contact the new applicant in order to finalize the administrative procedure, and ask the scientist to submit a Work Description and a Financial plan, called PRODEX Application Form.

Please read the 'PRODEX User Guide' for detailed information before applying.

Last Update: 18 January 2011

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