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Finishing Touches to Flight V162

22 September 2003

Kourou Spaceport, French Guiana

22 September: The V162 launcher has been completed. All three satellites and the fairings are installed on the upper part of the launcher.
The SMART-1 logo is clearly displayed on the fairing.
The launcher is being fuelled over the next few days with the hydrazine (MMH) and the oxidizers. This is the fuel for the rocket upper stage and attitude control and will take until the evening of 24 September.
24 September: Dress Rehearsal of the countdown phase. ESOC and Kourou will be involved.
25 September: The launcher readiness review will take place.
26 September: Ariane 5 rollout to launch pad.
27 September: Hydrogen/Oxygen loading will be performed only at the launch pad on day of the launch.

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