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SMART-1 and Moon Orbit

Date: 10 November 2004
Satellite: SMART-1
Depicts: Orbits of SMART-1 and Moon for 2-20 November 2004
Copyright: ESA

The orbits of SMART-1 (red) and the Moon (green) are depicted for the period of 2 till 20 November 2004. SMART-1 leaves its Earth-bound orbit and is captured by the Moon on 15 November 2004.

Explanation of acronyms used in the plot:

EPER Earth Perigee
EAPO Earth Apogee
EPST Electric Propulsion Start
MPER Moon Perilune
MAPO Moon Apolune
EPEN Electric Propulsion End

Last Update: 12 November 2004

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