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Impressions from ILC6 Udaipur Lunar Conference from a youth perspective


Iris Fleischer, University of Mainz

Young Lunar Explorers Participants

This report is to acknowledge the ILEWG support and funding given by the Young Lunar Explorers Fund for my participation in the 6th International Lunar Conference held in Udaipur, India from 22 till 26 November 2004. Being at this conference was very impressive and a great opportunity to learn lots of new and fascinating things about the exploration and utilization of the Moon. It was great to hear about the actual status of all the space programs and lunar missions. I got to know interesting people from all over the world and the week in Udaipur gave me an idea about the Indian culture.

I participated in this conference as one of three young lunar explorers, supported by ILEWG. There were also a number of young participants supported locally and helping with the conference organization. With me, Jeffrey Hendrikse from the Netherlands and Yuki Takahashi from the USA also attended ILC6. Jeffrey and I are both involved in the MoonMars Workshop, an international student initiative.

This report shall summarize the conference from a youth perspective. It is not meant to give a complete report of all presentations, but it gives an overview of the daily events and my personal highlights.

Last Update: 11 November 2013

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