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Interdisciplinary Investigations

These investigations, although providing no hardware of their own, combine data from several Ulysses experiments to study specific scientific questions of relevance to the mission.

Directional Discontinuities
This investigation looks at large- and small-scale plasma irregularities or inhomogeneities in the solar wind, which is not the well-behaved, uniform medium normally considered by theoreticians. Depending on the type of variation shown by the magnetic-field and plasma parameters, a directional discontinuity can be either a tangential discontinuity, a shock, or a true rotational discontinuity. New theoretical models of these phenomena are developed as part of the Ulysses investigation, and the magnetic-field and plasma observations obtained by Ulysses are used to check these models and identify fundamental plasma-physical processes.

Mass Loss and Ion Composition
This investigation studies the dependence of coronal mass loss on heliographic latitude, with a view to improving the understanding of the energy and momentum balance of the outer layers of the Sun. Secondly, a search is made for a latitudinal dependence of the solar wind ion composition.

Last Update: 08 December 2006

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