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Buried Basins in Northern Lowlands

Date: 14 December 2006
Satellite: Mars Express
Depicts: Location of buried basins in Martian northern lowlands
Copyright: ESA/ASI/NASA/University of Rome/JPL/Smithsonian

This image shows the locations of the buried basins detected by the MARSIS sounding radar in July 2005. Locations and inferred diameters from MARSIS echoes are shown in black on a MOLA colour-coded shaded relief.

The locations and diameters of quasi-circular topographic depressions with diameters larger than 200 kilometres are plotted in white. White polygons show the area covered by MARSIS orbits. Where there is left/right ambiguity in the location of a buried basin that coincides with a quasi-circular topographic depression, the plotted location reflects the minimum offset between the centres of the buried basin and the quasi-circular topographic depressions themselves.

Last Update: 15 December 2006

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