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Timeline for selection of L-class missions

Timeline for selection of L1 candidate missions

Activity Date
Call for proposals for Cosmic Vision missions March 2007
Selection of L-class candidate missions for assessment studies October 2007
ESA internal assessment phase and identification of key technology areas November 2007 -
February 2009
Down selection of the two outer Solar System missions February 2009
Industrial assessment phase and definition of technology development plan September 2009 -
September 2010
Start of European-led reformulation studies March 2011
SSAC recommendation on the first Large-class mission (L1) selection April 2012
Selection by SPC of L1: JUICE May 2012
Planned launch date for JUICE 2022


Timeline for selection of L2 and L3 candidate missions

Activity Date
Call for White Papers to define science themes for L2 and L3 missions March 2013
Selection by SPC of science themes for L2 and L3 missions November 2013
Call for mission concepts for L2 mission opportunity January 2014
SSAC recommendation on the second Large-class mission (L2) selection June 2014
Selection by SPC of L2: Athena June 2014
Planned call for mission concepts for L3 mission opportunity 2016
Planned launch date for Athena 2028
Planned launch date for L3 2034


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