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All the sources detected in the XMM-Newton slew survey

Date: 18 July 2008
Satellite: XMM-Newton
Depicts: Slew Survey sources
Copyright: ESA/ XMM-Newton/ EPIC/ R.D. Saxton et al.

This map of our galaxy shows all the objects that were detected in the XMM-Newton slew survey, one of which was the nova V598 Puppis. The plot is colour-coded such that sources of a lower (softer) energy are red and those with a higher (harder) energy are blue. Also, the brighter the source, the larger it appears on the map. The plot is in galactic coordinates (the centre of the plot corresponds to the centre of the Milky Way).

This image is an update of Figure 16 from the Saxton et al (2008) paper.


Last Update: 02 April 2010

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