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Cosmic Vision M-class missions presentation event 2009

Presentations and audio recording

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A special event was held in Paris on 1 December 2009, to present the six M-class mission concepts that are candidates for a launch in 2017 and 2018, within the frame of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 Plan for the ESA Science Programme.

The six M-class mission presentations given at the meeting are available for download as PDF files from the overview below.

An audio recording of the meeting was made and is also available for download. The recording is split into two parts, covering the morning session and the afternoon session as indicated below. Both files are in MP3 format.

The audio recordings cover, apart from the six mission presentations, the welcome address at the start of the meeting and the presentations on international partnerships and mission costing at the end of the meeting. 
Note: the audio levels at the start of the morning session are low


Morning Session
Welcome address & introduction Audio recording:

124 Mb
Euclid PDF 8.4 Mb
Plato PDF 15.2 Mb
Afternoon Session
Marco Polo PDF 5.4 Mb Audio recording:

164 Mb
Cross-Scale PDF 12.7 Mb
Solar Orbiter PDF 26.1 Mb
International partnerships
Mission costing


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