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Fundamental Physics Roadmap Workshop


The Fundamental Physics Roadmap Advisory Team, FPR-AT, has been assembled by ESA in order to draw a recommendation on the scientific and technological roadmap necessary to lead Europe toward the realization of future space missions in the framework of the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 plan in the field of fundamental physics.

The FPR-AT is preparing a roadmap document based on White Papers submitted to ESA by the scientific community.

The draft roadmap document has been presented to the scientific community at a workshop organised by the FPR-AT in January 2010. These web pages host all details about the workshop: 

Update: 18 February 2010 - the presentations
The workshop presentations are now available for download in PDF format from the workshop's programme page, which is here.

Update: 12 January 2010 - the roadmap
The draft version of the Fundamental Physics Roadmap
document is now available as a PDF. To download it click on the icon or the link under "Documentation" to the right:

Download the draft version of the Fundamental Physics Roadmap document
1.7 Mb

European Space Research and Technology Centre, ESTEC
Room Newton
Keplerlaan 1
The Netherlands
First announcement issued 27 August 2009
Registration opens 29 September 2009
Registration closes 18 January 2009
Workshop 21-22 January 2010

The following scientific domains will be covered at the workshop:
  • Tests of fundamental laws and principles, e.g. equivalence principle, constancy of fundamental constants, inverse square gravitational law;
  • Detection and study of gravitational waves;
  • Quantum mechanics in a clean environment;
  • Cold atom physics, new frequency standards, and quantum technologies;
  • The fundamental physics of dark energy and dark matter;
  • Space-based efforts in astroparticles: high energy cosmic particles, antimatter, etc.

Last Update: 16 March 2011

For further information please contact:

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