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Galaxy Clusters in the Early Universe

Event Details:
From: 09 November 2009  
To: 12 November 2009  
Address: Gran Hotel Pucón
Country: Chile
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Galaxy clusters at high redshifts provide important constraints on cosmological parameters such as the dark energy equation of state, the amplitude of the primordial power spectrum of density fluctuations from which structure on all scales arose, and the dominant type of dark matter in the universe. Moreover, high-redshift clusters also serve as unique laboratories for studying environmental influences on galaxy formation and evolution in the early Universe.

This meeting aims at bringing together theoreticians and observational astronomers to review our progress on finding, studying and understanding galaxy clusters in the early Universe.

Sessions devoted to the following topics are anticipated:

  • The theorists' Universe: What do models and simulations predict about the population of galaxy clusters at high redshifts?
  • Finding galaxy clusters at high redshifts: Multi-wavelength searches (optical, infrared, x-ray, S-Z effect, etc.)
  • What we have learned so far: Properties of high-redshift clusters and their galaxy members; constraints on cosmology
  • Evolution of clusters over a Hubble time: The connection between to low- and high-redshift clusters
  • The future: new search methods and surveys, etc.

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