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GLUC/ICEUM11 Beijing 2010

Second Announcement


IAF Global Lunar Conference 2010


11th ILEWG Conference on Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon

31 May - 3 June 2010
Beijing Friendship Hotel
Beijing, CHINA

Co-organized by

  • International Astronautical Federation (IAF)
  • Chinese Society of Astronautics
  • International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG)

With the participation of


Programme Committee Chairs

  • Dr Li Ming, Assistant of the President, China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)
  • Prof. Raymond E. Arvidson, Director, Earth and Planetary Remote Sensing Laboratory, Washington University in Saint Louis
  • Prof. Dr. Bernard Foing, Executive Director of the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG)

Meeting location and date

The Global Lunar Conference (GLUC-ICEUM11) will take place at the Beijing Friendship Hotel on 31 May - 3 June 2010. The technical programme for this Conference is detailed in the Call for Papers published in the conference websites: &

Purpose and scope

The Global Lunar Conference organized jointly by the International Astronautical Federation, the Chinese Society of Astronautics and the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) will broadly focus on Lunar Exploration. Gathering decisions makers from space agencies and industries, key specialists of our largest satellite and related topics specialists, the conference will trace the development of on-going and future missions to the Moon, to have a better understanding of today's challenges and reflect on how international cooperation can help in reaching ambitious objectives. The large spectrum of topics addressed will include: programmatic aspects, exploration (science, technology and robotics), human missions and life sciences, lunar habitats and architectural aspects, economical, societal, legal and cultural aspects.

The renewed focus on the Moon and the ambitious vision for the next era of lunar exploration require careful integration of scientific, engineering, international, and commercial interests to facilitate a sustainable program. This joint meeting brings these interests together to address key questions regarding roles of the various stakeholders in establishing sustainable lunar exploration that will ultimately lead to humans learning to live and work off planet. The joint conference will also build upon the topics from previous ILEWG/ICEUM conferences discussing new results and worldwide lunar activities. The meeting report and the ILEWG declaration will capture the presentations and ensuing discussions.

Meeting format

The meeting will consist of plenary and concurrent technical sessions comprised of both invited and contributed talks. Each session will focus on questions pertinent to lunar exploration and will include discussions and recommendations addressing the themes of this Global Lunar Conference. Interactive poster sessions will be held on the evening of 31 May.

Meeting Schedule

A preliminary meeting schedule will include plenary, splinter technical and poster sessions.

30 May 2010: Registration, ice-breaker, preparatory splinter meetings, Young Professionals and Lunar Explorers event

31 May 2010: Inauguration, agency presentations, Panel results for recent missions, upcoming missions and the lunar robotic village, splinter technical sessions, media event

1 June 2010: Towards an International Lunar Base: Missions in development and technologies, commercial, habitats and operations; from space stations to the Moon, from outpost to a permanent human presence

2 June 2010: Moon for Society: Global lunar exploration, economy and society, inspiring public and youth, Global Lunar Conference declaration

3 June 2010: Technical Visits in and near Beijing

Splinter technical sessions include (with specific subsessions available below or on

1: Science and exploration
2: Technology & Resource Utilisation
3: Infrastructures and Human Aspects 
4: Space and Society

Call for abstracts

Researchers in scientific and engineering disciplines, entrepreneurs, and commercial companies appropriate to the purpose and scope of this meeting are encouraged to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation.

All abstracts, whether invited or contributed, must be submitted electronically to the IAF website via the electronic submission form by the deadline. Late submissions may be considered as late papers or posters.

The submission form is available on the conference website:

Abstracts will be limited to one page, including graphics, tables, and references. Templates and detailed instructions for formatting and submitting your abstract are available from the conference website. It is in your best interest to submit early to allow for possible technical problems or delays in transmission.

The program and abstracts will be available in electronic format and accessible via the meeting website. Authors should check the online program to find out where their abstract has been scheduled.

Abstract Deadline: December 15, 2009


Registration is possible through the conference website:

An early bird reduced fee will be possible before 1 Feb 2010.  The early fee is 430 Euros for full paying participants, 390 Euros for participants from IAF member organization or ILEWG community, 190 Euros for Young professionals (up to 33 years old), 70 Euros for full-time students.

Organizing Committees

Honorary Committee
Charles Bolden (NASA)
Roger-Maurice Bonnet (COSPAR)
Brian Dailey (Lockheed Martin)
Jean-Jacques Dordain (ESA)
Sun Laiyan (CNSA)
Steve MacLean (CSA)
Madhavan G. Nair (ISRO)
Anatoly Perminov (Roscosmos)
Harrison H. Schmitt (Apollo Astronaut)
Keiji Tachikawa (JAXA)
Johann-Dietrich Woerner (DLR)
Simon P. Worden (NASA Ames)  
Berndt Feuerbacher (IAF)
Ma Xingrui  (Chinese Society of Astronautics)

ILEWG Space Agencies Organizing Committee
Bernard Foing European Space Agency & ILEWG, IPC co-chair
Simonetta Di Pippo European Space Agency
Marcello Coradini European Space Agency
Scott Hovland European Space Agency
Enrico Flamini Italian Space Agency
Rafaele Mugnuolo Italian Space Agency
Michael Wargo NASA Headquarters & ILEWG
James L. Green NASA Headquarters
Richard Vondrak NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Clive Neal NASA Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, U. Notre- Dame
David Kendall Canadian Space Agency
Ji Wu Chinese National Space Administration
Ziyuan Ouyang Chinese National Space Administration
Xifan Hao Chinese National Space Administration
Ralf Jaumann German Aerospace Center DLR
Jacques-Etienne Blamont Centre National d'Études Spatiales
Francois Spiero Centre National d'Études Spatiales
Jitendra Goswami Indian Space Research Organization
P. Sreekumar Indian Space Research Organization
Manabu Kato Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Yoshisada Takizawa Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Kohtaro Matsumoto Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Junichiro Kawaguchi Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
David Parker Science and Technology Facilities Council
Erik Galimov Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry
Georgy Polishuk Russian Aviation and Space Agency
Stanislav Konyukhov Yuzhnoye Design Office, Ukraine

ILEWG Associates Organizing Committee
Li Ming CAST & IPC co-chair
Raymond E. Arvidson Washington University in Saint Louis & IPC co-chair
James W. Head Brown University
Larry Taylor University of Tennessee & Space Resources Roundtable
Pascale Ehrenfreund COSPAR Exploration Panel/ George Washington U.
Steve Durst International Lunar Observatory Association
Robert Richards Odyssey Moon, founder ISU
Christian Sallaberger MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd./ IAF
James Burke International Space University
Trond Krøvel Young Lunar Explorers / Lunar Explorers Society LUNEX
Nicole Jordan Google Lunar X-Prize
Will Pomerantz Google Lunar X-Prize
David Morrison NASA Lunar Science Institute
Rich Vondrak NASA Goddard Space flight Center
Philippe Willekens International Astronautical Federation
Jim Garvin NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Oleg Fedorov National Space Agency of Ukraine
Tanja Masson-Zwaan President IISL
Roger Malina IAF Itaccus Inter-cultural Committee /IAA
Yansheng Wu CASC
Kai-Uwe Schrogl ESPI
Martin Sweeting SSTL Surrey
Manfred Fuchs OHB Bremen
Rupert Gerzer DLR/IAA
Barbara Cohen NASA MSFC
John Connolly NASA Johnson Space Centre
Gary Martin NASA Ames
Steve Mackwell Lunar and Planetary Institute
Leslie Gertsch Missouri University & Space Resources Roundtable
Sergey N. Solodovnikov Lavochkin
Susan Stacey Edgington NASA & IAF Young Professionals Programme
Lyn Wigbels IAF Space and Education Outreach Committee

Local Organisation Committee (to be completed)
Philippe Willekens IAF Executive Director
Thomas Hétier IAF, GLUC IAF Project manager
Li Ming CAST

International Programme Committee experts (to be completed)
Bernhard Hufenbach ESA/ESTEC
Nicolas Peter ESA/HQ
Roger Walker ESA Education Office
Tilman Spohn DLR Berlin
Rene Laufer Stuttgart
Ernesto Vallerani SEEDS Torino
Amalia Finzi Politecnico Milano
Philippe Coue Dassault Aviation
Andrea Boese DLR Office
G. Jeffrey Taylor University of Hawaii, US
Carle Pieters Brown U., US
Carol Stoker NASA Ames Research Centre
Steve Saunders Universities Space Research Association
Charles O'Dale Senomix Software Inc.
Haym Benaroya Rutgers U.
Kevin Stube Space Generation

Last Update: 11 June 2010

For further information please contact:

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