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Lutetia flyby navigation campaign up to 7 June 2010 - with optical data

Date: 24 June 2010
Satellite: Rosetta
Depicts: Rosetta - Lutetia flyby target plane
Copyright: ESA

This plot shows the situation in the target plane for Rosetta's flyby of asteroid Lutetia on 10 July 2010. The target plane is a planar coordinate system centred on the asteroid and is used for targeting during this close flyby. The target relative position of Rosetta for the flyby is marked in green and is 3160 km from asteroid Lutetia (at the origin of the plot, direction indicated with arrow).

As part of the optical navigation campaign five images were obtained with each of Rosetta's two navigation cameras on both 31 May and 7 June and five images with the OSIRIS NAC on 7 June.

The blue cross and associated error ellipse shows the solution in the target plane based on radiometric data and ground-based optical data up to 7 June 2010, without including the optical data from Rosetta's on board cameras [see also the related image in the right-hand menu].

The orange cross and associated error ellipse show the solution in the target plane with the inclusion of the new data from the optical navigation campaign up to 7 June. The error ellipse has semi-axes of 101 × 79 km. The location of Rosetta's projected position is 2642 km from asteroid Lutetia and 526 km from the target. The predicted time of closest approach moved forward by just 0.33 seconds to 15:44:59.87 UTC and its 3-sigma uncertainty decreased slightly to 7.58 seconds.

Trajectory correction manoeuvre

A trajectory correction manoeuvre will be planned and executed on 18 June 2010, 3 weeks before closest approach, in order to move Rosetta's projected position in the target plane much closer to the target location.

Last Update: 09 July 2010

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