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Mission Team

ESA Cluster team

Mission Manager and Project Scientist: C. Philippe Escoubet (based at ESA's European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC), The Netherlands)

Principal Investigators

Instrument Acronym Principal Investigator
Active Spacecraft Potential Control ASPOC Klaus Torkar, IWF, Graz, Austria
Cluster Ion Spectrometer experiment CIS Iannis Dandouras, IRAP, Toulouse, France
Digital Wave Processor DWP Misha Balikhin, Sheffield University, UK
Electron Drift Instrument EDI Roy B. Torbert, University of New Hampshire, USA
Electric Field and Wave experiment EFW Mats André, IRFU, Sweden
Fluxgate Magnetometer FGM Chris Carr, IC, UK
Plasma Electron and Current Experiment PEACE Andrew Fazakerley, MSSL, Dorking, UK
Research with Adaptive Particle Imaging Detectors RAPID Patrick Daly, MPS, Germany
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Field Fluctuations STAFF Patrick Canu, LPP, Palaiseau, France
Wide Band Data instrument WBD Jolene Pickett, University of Iowa, USA
Waves of High frequency and Sounder for Probing of Electron density by Relaxation experiment WHISPER Jean-Louis Rauch, CNRS, France


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