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CDF Study Report: Assessment of a Europa penetrator mission, CLEP

Publication date: 30 April 2015

Page: 1-170
Year: 2015

Copyright: ESA

Document reference: CDF-154(E)

This document is the assessment study report for CLEP, the Clipper Europa ESA Penetrator mission, which could be a part of the NASA Clipper mission.

As the junior partner to the Clipper mission ESA are considering a potential mission of opportunity that could be considered by the science community in future mission proposals, to either carry out fly-bys of the Jupiter Moon Io — the subject of another study — or Europa, or possibly to impact Europa — the subject of this study.

The assignment was to formulate a penetrator concept, with high velocity impact on Europa and subsurface investigation, including a life detection experiment, for a possible ESA contribution to the NASA Clipper mission and to evaluate its feasibility. Full details are available in the report.

The report has been prepared by the ESA concurrent design facility.

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