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Awards for Rosetta

ESA's Rosetta mission is a remarkable scientific and technical tour de force, which has been communicated to audiences worldwide via both traditional and innovative methods. The achievements of this ground-breaking mission have been recognised by many professional bodies involved in science, technology, engineering, as well as communications and outreach. We are proud to list here some of the awards that have been presented to teams both inside and outside ESA for their work associated with the Rosetta mission.


Royal Academy of Engineering's Major Project Award 2016 to BAe Systems AI Labs for IFMS (used to communicate with Rosetta)
Academia Film Olomouc 51, 2016 for Ambition: Outstanding contribution to the popularisation of science
Foreign Policy Magazine, Washington DC, Awards 2015, awarded the Global Thinker Award in the "Chronicler" category to the Rosetta Mission Team
World Technology Award for Space (Corporate) from the World Technology Network 2015
Sir Arthur Clarke Space Achievement Award 2015 for Education and Outreach
animago Awards 2015 to Ambition for Best Visualization
Aviation week Laureate Award 2015  - space winner
Space Foundation "John L. Jack Swigert, Jr. Award for Space Exploration”, 2015
National Space Society 2015 Space Pioneer Award for Science and Engineering
The 2015 Lovie Be Greater with Data Award
London International Awards 2015 to Ambition for Production & Post-production (bronze)
2015 Royal Aeronautical Society's Space Specialist Group Award accompanied by the Geoffrey Pardoe Space Award to Rosetta Flight Operations and Flight Dynamics Team
The Royal Aeronautical Society’s 2015 Team Gold Medal
IAA Laurels for Team Achievement Award 2015 to the Philae Lander Mission
"New Media (non-interactive)" prize at the 2015 EuroPAWS Science TV & New Media festival
KTR Advertising Awards 2015 for Ambition: Special effects / post-production (gold to Platige / ESA) ;Audio / sound design (gold to Juice / Platige / ESA); Director (silver to Tomek Baginski)
Wernher-von-Braun-Ehrung award to the Rosetta and Philae teams
PR Report Awards (Germany) Winner n the category "Social Media & Content Strategy"
Award "Cristofol Juando" from "Festa de Cel" Airshow in Mataró near Barcelona
AJPAE Prix Icare International 2015
Sir Arthur Clarke Project Team Award 2014
ESA Team Achievement Award 2014
ESA Team Achievement Award 2011


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