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16-18 years old: The lakes of Titan

Author: Carlos Navarro

Dear director of the ESA:

At the end of the month of april, we received the news that the Cassini ́s probe had discovered in Titan, one of Saturn ́s satellites, some seas and lakes that were made up of methane. These satellite ́s got a very similar atmosphere to the Earth ́s one, with 95% of nitrogen, a higher concentration than the Earth ́s one. The only inconvenient is the lack of oxygen in the atmosphere, which leads substancies as the methane or the ethane domine the whole atmosphere.

At first, it may look as an uninhabitable environment to live in, and not very susceptible of being soonly studied by Cassini ́s probe, but the freezing temperaturas that the satellite suffers by its remoteness from the sun, makes the previously mentioned substancies, are in a liquid state.this opens a window of possibilities for the searching of these lakes and seas, mainly located in the north and south poles. They cover the 2% of the surface of the planet. That ́s  why we think that Cassini ́s probe should dedicate to the studies of Titan ́s seas.

One of the pillars in which this idea is hold, is finding any evidence of exxtraterrestrial life. It  has been the spark that has maintaned the flame of the interest in regard of the spacial explorations. Finding a partner thousands of years light away, showing up that we ́re not alone in the universo. Although we should be cautious when we show up our location to an entire galaxy.

We also have to take into account that our planet is getting worst day by day, and it would be good finding another place to live and continue the existance of the human being, on an emergency case.

The next reason would be discovering how was life in our planet was formed. The most accepted theory about this is nowadays, is the Aleksandr Oparin ́s one. His theory was based in the belief that when the Earth was starteing to form, temperatures dropped until the water vapour was turned into wáter. This created an environment called primitive soup. Inside it, large chains of amino acids started to join and the first living being was formed, an unicelular being.

If the fewest life glimpse was found, Oparin theory would be confirmed, and we would have a fewest opaque conception about the Earth ́s life genesis. At the momento, the prowe hasn ́t got a path to follow in some time, and i think it would be an excellent idea to taking advantage of it ́s last life years.

I hope this proposal might be usefull for the scientific comunity, if you decide to use it.

With my best regards.

Last Update: 19 May 2017

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