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10-12 years old: The lakes of Titan

 Author: Lukas Montgomery

It is my belief is that scientists should concentrate their investigation as much as is possible, on the lakes of Saturn’s moon Titan. The probe Cassini’s scanning of Titan’s surface appears to indicate that these lakes contain all the building blocks necessary to make and support life. Although the planet is quite distant from the sun, it is possible that some sort of lifeforms exist there.  Another point is than In maybe one to two hundred years we could create a bubble that would keep heat inside itself and a space ship big enough to travel 1.4 billion km and transport a whole colony so we could expand human life into more parts of the galaxy. In order to do this, we would need a stepping stone to reach further out into space.  Titan could be a base from which to explore further out into our own solar system.

Because there are dissolvable rocks on Titan like limestone and gypsum there might be underground water and with the different atmosphere and ground, we might create hybrid plants and maybe a new ecosystem on the lakes and seas.

Because the seas and lakes are made from liquid hydrocarbon we may create a new type of fuel similar to diesel or petrol, which could be used in spacecraft and other space vehicles that need a lot of fuel or a very powerful one.

Perhaps Titan might become an off earth colony one day as the earth becomes more and more overcrowded.


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