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The future of the Orion constellation (speeded-up)

09 June 2017

This is a speeded-up version of the video revealing how our view of the Orion constellation will evolve over the next 450 000 years. This version is 10 times faster than the original video; for illustrative purposes, it shows the stars moving several times forwards and backwards in time, between the present epoch and 450 000 years from now.

Amid a myriad of drifting stars, the shape of Orion as defined by its brightest stars is slowly rearranged into a new pattern as time goes by.

The portion of the sky depicted in the video measures 40 × 20° – as a comparison, the diameter of the full Moon in the sky is about half a degree.

The video is based on data from ESA's Gaia and Hipparcos satellites, as well as additional information from ground-based observations.

Full story: The future of the Orion constellation

The evolution of two million stellar positions on the entire sky is shown here.

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