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The 365 galaxy clusters of the XXL Survey – X-ray view

Date: 04 October 2018
Satellite: XMM-Newton
Copyright: ESA/XMM-Newton/XXL Survey

This mosaic shows the 365 galaxy clusters of the XXL Survey as imaged in X-rays by ESA's XMM-Newton space observatory.

The clusters are ordered by increasing distance from us, starting from the most nearby, at a redshift of 0.03, in the top left corner, all the way to the most distant one, at a redshift of 1.99 (the seventeenth cluster in the bottom row from the left); the last seven clusters in the bottom row have uncertain redshift.

The XXL Survey is XMM-Newton's largest observational programme to date. The second batch of data from the survey includes information on 365 galaxy clusters, which trace the large-scale structure of the Universe and its evolution through time, and on 26 000 active galactic nuclei (AGN).

Last Update: 04 October 2018

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