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Wide-field InfraRed Surveys: Science and Techniques

Wide-field InfraRed Surveys: Science and Techniques

Start date: 17 Nov 2014
Address: Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, California, United States

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The conference is intended for scientists to consider recent progress from missions such as Spitzer, Kepler, Hubble, Planck, WISE and Herschel, as it affects the design and utilization of the next generation of space-based infrared surveys, including the Decadal Survey's top priority, a wide-field infrared survey telescope (WFIRST).

The conference will expose the participants to the capabilities currently envisaged for WFIRST-AFTA. The conference will also assess the mission's promise in the context of the anticipated performance of JWST and other planned space missions such as Euclid and TESS, as well as ground-based projects, especially LSST.

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