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Titan - from Discovery to Encounter

Titan - from Discovery to Encounter

International Conference on the occasion of the 375th birthday of Christiaan Huygens

held 13-17 April 2004
ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands


13 April 2004 - Opening session
Welcome by ESA Director General, Jean-Jacques Dordain
Opening speech by Mrs Maria van der Hoeven, Dutch Minister for Education and Science
Christiaan Huygens and the scientific revolution H.F. Cohen PDF

46 kb

The Voyager Odyssey A. Brahic PDF

13.3 Mb

Cassini-Huygens in the European context R.M. Bonnet PDF

6.2 Mb

14 April 2004 - Christiaan Huygens, the person, the scientist and interactions
Huygens and Saturn A. van Helden PDF

7.7 Mb

The Huygens manuscripts J. Yoder
Cassini and Saturn A. Cassini PDF

3.3 Mb

Huygens and Mechanics F.Chareix PDF

3.8 Mb

Huygens and Mathematics H. Bos PDF

2.7 Mb

Huygens and the advancement of time measurements C.A. Grimbergen PDF

3.0 Mb

Huygens, l'Académie des Sciences et l'Observatoire de Paris S. Débarbat
Christiaan Huygens as telescope maker and user A. Dollfus
Testing the lenses of Campani, lens-maker for Cassini G. Molesini PDF

2.4 Mb

The optics of Huygens F.J. Dijksterhuis PDF

4.8 Mb

Kosmotheoros: Huygens' view of the Universe R.H. Vermij
The views of Christiaan Huygens on astrology R. van Gent PDF

1.0 Mb

"Titan kan niet slapen?" (Huygens biography) C.D. Andriesse PDF

27 kb

A portrait of Christian Huygens K. Verduin PDF

2.65 Mb

15 April 2004 - Recent results of Saturn/Titan observations, ground- and space-based theoretical studies
Cassini-Huygens, the next steps towards the outer planets D. Southwood PDF

14.0 Mb

Review of recent Saturn observations T. Encrenaz
Satellite & rings heritage and follow-up to Huygens C. Ferrari PDF

2.4 Mb

Titan's atmosphere and surface from imaging and spectroscopy in the past decade A. Coustenis PDF

7.8 Mb

Origin and evolution of Titan's atmosphere: testing the models T. Owen
Aerosols in Titan's atmosphere P. Rannou
Photochemistry of Titan's atmosphere D. Strobel
Titan's biochemistry F. Raulin PDF

1.0 Mb

Evidence for liquid surfaces on Titan from radar observations D.B. Campbell
Three micron spectroscopy of hydrocarbons and HCN T.R. Geballe PDF

1.6 Mb

Flight Through Titan's Atmosphere I. de Pater PDF

1.2 Mb

16 April 2004 - The Cassini-Huygens mission: from past to future
The genesis of the Cassini-Huygens mission D. Gautier, W. Ip, T. Owen
The Cassini-Huygens mission D. Matson
Early Cassini ISS observations of Titan R. West
Cassini CIRS arrives at the Saturn System M.F. Flasar
Cassini VIMS R. Brown PDF

1.2 Mb

Cassini UVIS observations of Titan and the Saturn System L. Esposito PDF

1.2 Mb

Cassini Magnetometer approach observations and preparation for Saturn orbit insertion M. Dougherty
MIMI: Investigations of the interaction of Titan's exosphere with Saturn's magnetosphere and first observations of Titan I. Dandouras PDF

2.8 Mb

Saturn approach: Cassini radio and plasma wave science W. Kurth PDF

3.8 Mb

Titan's interaction with Saturn's magnetosphere D. Young PDF

2.7 Mb

Titan's surface: insights from and prospects for radar investigations R. Lorenz
Cassini Radio Science at Titan A. Kliore PDF

1.3 Mb

INMS G.H. Waite
The Huygens probe J.P. Lebreton
The Descent Imager/Spectral radiometer on the Huygens entry Probe of Titan M.G. Tomasko PDF

7.8 Mb

The Gas Chromatograph Mass spectrometer for the Huygens Probe H. Niemann
The Aerosol Collector Pyrolyser Experiment (ACP) for Huygens G. Israel PDF

2.9 Mb

The Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment: Measuring Titan Atmospheric Dynamics M. Bird PDF

1.4 Mb

The Huygens surface science package J.C. Zarnecki PDF

8.0 Mb

Precise tracking of the Huygens probe in the atmosphere of Titan L. Gurvits
Titan, what next? R. Lorenz PDF

740 kb

17 April 2004 - Public day
Huygens and his times A. van Helden
Huygens and his telescopes P. Louwman
Robotic exploration of the outer planets, a historical perspective T. Johnson
Titan halos G. Konnen PDF

2.0 Mb

Huygens and the search for life in the Universe T. Owen
The Cassini/Huygens education and outreach programme JPL, ESA
Public involvement in Planetary Exploration E. Lakdawalla PDF

4.0 Mb

Contributions by amateur observers
Outside Lecture at Leiden Observatory (In Dutch) I. de Pater PDF

5.7 Mb

Poster Presentations

1 Exobiology of Titan M.B. Simakov PDF 1.3 Mb
2 Sensitivity of optical searches for liquid hydrocarbons on Titan's surface R. West PDF 79 kb
3 Modelling the vertical distribution of temperature and chemical composition in Titan's atmosphere P. Lavvas
4 Simulation of the plasma environment of Titan in the magnetosheath flow of Saturn G. Chanteur PDF

2.2 Mb

5 What could be the chemical composition of Titan's aerosol A. Bar-Nun
6 Ion mobility in Titan's atmosphere K. Aplin
7 Titan's surface at 3 micron A. Negrao
8 Titan studied with an Integral Field Spectrograph at the CFHT; the near infrared instrument OASIS M. Hirtzig PDF 7.8 Mb
9 About variations of Titan's endogenous activity induced by Saturn and satellites gravitational attraction in the period of Cassini/Huygens mission Y. Barkin
10 The evolution of cloud features on Titan M. Brown
11 Continuous monitoring of clouds on Titan E. Schaller
12 Titan interaction with Saturn's Magnetosphere: Mass loading and Ionopause Location E. Sittler PDF 162 kb
13a Titan atmosphere electricity investigation with the PWA-HASI instrument on the Huygens probe. S. Abaajan PDF 172 kb
13b Trial balloon flights in the terrestrial atmosphere S. Abaajan PDF 97 kb
14 P. Rannou
15 Observations of Titan and outer planets with amateur equipment R. Lorenz
16 The Huygens Atmospheric Structure Instrument (HASI) onboard the Huygens probe M. Fulchignoni PDF 1.5 Mb
17 The Descent Imager/Spectral Radiometer on the Huygens entry Probe of Titan M.G. Tomasko
18 The Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer for the Huygens Probe H. Niemann
19 The Aerosol Collector Pyrolyser Experiment (ACP) for Huygens G. Israel
20 The Huygens Doppler Wind Experiment: Measuring Titan Atmospheric Dynamics M. Bird
21 The Huygens surface science package J.C. Zarnecki

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