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Stellar Birth

The region of the Horsehead
nebula by visible light (Credit:Royal
Observatory, Edinburgh)

Young stars in the region of the
Horsehead nebula by infrared light.
Inset: ISOCAM 7 and 15 microns.

Stellar Death

A dead star within a shroud of nebula, Helix image ISOCAM

As if stars wished to keep their privacy during these critical stages of their lives, their births and deaths usually occur within thick and opaque clouds of dust (nebulae). But infrared beams manage to escape these dusty regions, enabling ISO to see them.

Extrasolar Planets

The origin of planets

ISO searched for discs or rings of matter around stars. These are considered to be the first stage of planet formation, hence they are called 'protoplanetary discs'.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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