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Reionization with Multi-frequency Datasets

Reionization with Multi-frequency Datasets

Start date: 18 Aug 2009
Address: AlbaNova University Centre, Stockholm, Sweden

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Several different types of surveys are currently aiming at detecting signatures from the era beyond redshift 6, which is when the reionization of the Universe happened. Each of these surveys is at the cutting edge of what is possible, and detecting the desired signatures will be challenging. However, by comparing or cross-correlating the same areas on the sky between different data sets, a clearer detection may be possible. This workshop is intended to explore the possibilities of combining and/or cross-correlating future redshifted 21cm data with other observables from the epoch of reionization. The main ones that have been considered are galaxy probes such as Ly-alpha emitters and high redshift QSOs, and CMB data from Planck and groundbased CMB experiments. Other data sets that could potentially be useful are the near-infrared and x-ray backgrounds, as well as the distribution of Ly-alpha absorption towards QSOs.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
24-Jun-2024 14:06 UT

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