20 January 2003
At a meeting today with members of the press and the astronomical community the Astrophysical Virtual Observatory (AVO) prototype software was presented. The tool is the result of the first year of work from this European project funded by the European Union and six partner organizations for 5 million Euros over three years. Read more

4 November, 2002
The first ESA Grid Workshop took place on 25th October, 2002. More details on the presentations made and a list of participants can be found on the page ESA Grid 2002 Workshop.

22 March, 2002
A meeting of the EIROFORUM Grid Group (EGG) was held at ESO, Garching, Germany to discuss individual activities and initiatives of European International Research Organisations in Grid technology. The following presentation was given by L. Fusco, on behalf of ESA.

7-8 February, 2002
The first AVO Science Working Group held its meeting at ESO in Garching, Germany to discuss Requirements. In particular, the definition of "Quality" and how to identify it in data was discussed.

5 February, 2002
The ESA SpaceGRID Progress Review Meeting took place in Cannes. The main topic of the meeting was to agree on a dedicated Requirements Questionnaire for the purpose of evaluating the needs of the four domains involved in the activity.

15 November, 2002
The AVO Kickoff meeting took place in Edinburgh. All members of the three Working Areas participated to the meeting.

26 September 2001
The ESA SpaceGRID Kickoff Meeting took place on 26th September, 2001 in ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands. A copy of all presentations can be found on this site.

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