The ESA GRID Interest Group

The ESA GRID Interest Group (EGIG) is composed of members from various directorates sharing a common interest in GRID technology. Some of its members are actively involved in GRID activities, while others are involved in setting up the necessary infrastructure in the various establishments to enable use of this technology for Space projects.

The members are:

EOP-G O. Colin
EOP-S L. Fusco, J. Linford
EUI-T F. Zeppenfeldt
OPS-I C. Kroell
SCI-C S. Ansari
SCI-S F. Felix, D. Tapiador, C. Arviset
TEC-E H. Evans
TEC-M H.-P. De Koning
TEC-S D. Escorial, P. v.d. Plas, L. Arguello

Last Update: 05 July 2005