ESA Infrastructure



GRID Hardware Infrastructure

4 Precision Workstation 330 MiniTower
Chassis: Mini-Tower (3.5" Floppy Bay, 3 External 5.25" Bays & 4 Internal Bays (490 x 221 x 452mm)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 processor 1.5 GHz
Storage: 512 MB (2x256) PC800 RDRAM
1st Hard Drive: 20GB (7,200 rpm) ATA-100 Hard Drive
Graphics Card: nVidia TNT2 Pro (16MB AGP 4x)
CD ROM, DVD & Read-Write Drives: 20/48x IDE CD-ROM
Operating System: Redhat Linux 7.1


The ESTEC Grid Link Architecture is based on a link provided by Surfnet at 34 Mbits/s

ESTEC Grid Link Architecture
Click for hi-res pdf version [6 kb]





Grid Hardware Infrastructure

grid0005 PC
grid0006 PC
grid0007 Cluster (head node)
grid0008 PC (High Resolution Graphics)

All machines run the reference platform O/S: Linux Red Hat 6.2 + updates.


DataGrid middleware depends on various network protocols and services: NFS, NIS, UDP, HTTP, BOOTP etc. Appropriate standard security hardening practices need to be applied to protect the network from outside intrusion.

Last Update: 21 October 2004