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ESA-ESO Working Groups

ESA-ESO Working Groups

Following an agreement to cooperate on science planning issues, the executives of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the European Space Agency (ESA) Science Programme and representatives of their science advisory structures have met to share information and to identify potential synergies within their future projects.

The agreement arose from their joint founding membership of EIROforum ( and a recognition that, as pan-European organisations, they served essentially the same scientific community.

At a meeting at ESO in Garching during September 2003, it was agreed to establish a number of working groups that would be tasked to explore these synergies in important areas of mutual interest and to make recommendations to both organisations.

The following four working groups have been established so far:

Galactic Populations, Chemistry and Dynamics
chair: Catherine Turon,
co-chair: Francesca Primas
website Final Report
Fundamental Cosmology
chair: John Peacock,
co-chair: Peter Schneider
website Final Report
Alma/Herschel Synergy
chair: Tom Wilson,
co-chair: David Elbaz
website Final Report
Extrasolar Planets
chair: Michael Perryman,
co-chair: Olivier Hainaut
website Final Report

The final reports of the four working groups are now available. The above links go to the working group homepages and to summary pages of the final reports, from which the full report can be retrieved as PDF.

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