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Discussion session on magnetic fields and Be stars

Discussion session on magnetic fields and Be stars

Publication date: 02 May 2005

Authors: Cassinelli, J.P., et al.

Journal: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
Volume: 337
Issue: 1
Page: 43
Year: 2005

Copyright: ASOP

A free format discussion session was held following the presentations by Lee Hartmann, Karen Bjorkman, Georges Meynet and Keith MacGregor. Several subjects were discussed and debated during this session: a) The origin of the mass in the disks of Be stars that needs to be replenished on time scales of one to a few decades. b) The nature and cause of the hot plasmas and associated X-rays that arise from disks. c) The origin of magnetic fields that may play a role in providing angular momentum and mass to disks. d) The dissipation of primordial fields. e) The processes and time scales on which disks can be lost. The discussion then turns to specific properties of the disks around emission line Be stars: the fraction of B stars that may have emission line phases and the rotation rate relative to the maximal Keplerian rate of the Be stars.

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