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Supernovae and their Host Galaxies

Supernovae and their Host Galaxies

Start date: 21 Jun 2011
Address: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia

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The current generation of wide field transient surveys will revolutionise our understanding of why stars become supernovae. Designed to revisit large areas of sky at multiple wavelengths, these surveys are now discovering hundreds of supernovae each year. During the coming year, the number of supernova discoveries will increase even further as new transient surveys come online. As well as finding rare and possibly new types of supernovae, these surveys will generate new insights into both core-collapse and thermonuclear supernovae. It is therefore timely to have a conference that explores the current (observational and theoretical) supernova landscape and the connection between supernovae and their host galaxies.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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