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ESLAB 42: Cosmic Cataclysms and Life

ESLAB 42: Cosmic Cataclysms and Life

ESLAB 42: An overview of the symposium

ESLAB 42: Cosmic Cataclysms and Life

ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

10-14 November 2008

Abstract submission deadline: 1 September 2008

A number of cataclysms have occurred in the history of the Universe and the Solar System. The Symposium will review those that had a critical influence on the evolution of habitable worlds and on the emergence and survival of life on Earth, and possibly elsewhere.

Invited speakers
L. Ziurys (Arizona), N. Prantzos (IAP), R. Liseau (Chalmers), M. Robberto (Baltimore), J. Blum (Braunschweig), J. Greaves (St Andrews), A. Morbidelli (Nice), W. Benz (Bern), D. Kring (Arizona), G. Horneck (DLR), D. Prieur (Brest), P. Ehrenfreund (Washington), K.-H. Glassmeier (Braunschweig), B. Thomas (Washburn), I. Ribas (Madrid), R. Lundin (Kiruna), F. Selsis (Bordeaux), T. Owen (Hawaii), E. Pilat-Lohinger (Vienna)


Monday 10 November 2008

Introduction:  Cosmic Cataclysms: the biological overview
Session 1: Big Bang and Nucleosynthesis

Tuesday 11 November 2008
Session 2:  Star Formation and Synthesis of Molecules
Session 3: Planetary formation and the role of collisions

Wednesday 12 November 2008
Session 4:  Late Heavy Bombardment, the Moon-Earth System and the Emergence of Life on Earth
Session 5: The Role of Impacts on Life

Thursday 13 November 2008
Session 6:  Emergence and habitats of life in the Universe
Session 7: Hazards from the Sun, Stars and the Universe and resilience of Life

Friday 14 November 2008

Session 8:  Cosmic habitability, prevalence of Earth-like planets and the fate of the Earth

This symposium is an invitation to the wider scientific community to present and discuss in depth the science topics which constitute the broad themes mentioned above.

The program will include a number of invited talks, which will give an overview of the science themes, plus a number of contributed talks.

Important dates

20 March 2008     1st Announcement
1 May 2008    2nd Announcement
1 September 2008    Abstract Deadline
3 September 2008     Selection of papers/posters
10 September 2008     Final programme
10 September – 15 October 2008     Early Registration
after 15 October 2008 Late Registration
29 September 2008     Hotel Reservation Deadline

Further details

Abstract submission
Abstract submission forms can be accessed via the Congrex web site:

Symposium venue
Information on the European Space Agency site at Frascati can be found at:

Further information
Further information about the symposium, including a list of the organising committees, contact details, instructions for registration and accomodation, can be found at the Congrex web site:


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