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High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy: past, present, and future

High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy: past, present, and future

Start date: 15 Mar 2010
Address: Academy Building, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

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High-resolution X-ray spectroscopy has become a powerful tool for astrophysics since the launch of Chandra and XMM-Newton, now 10 years ago. The grating spectrometers on both instruments still continue to provide excellent data, while imaging calorimeters are being prepared for future missions like Astro-H and IXO. The synergy with other wavelength bands like the UV will be boosted by the addition of COS to HST. X-ray spectroscopy offers unique diagnostics to study almost any object in the Universe. In this meeting presentations on highlights and the state-of-the-art of X-ray spectroscopy for a broad range of objects and on the prospects for future studies are foreseen.

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