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The identification of new Be stars in GAUDI

The identification of new Be stars in GAUDI

Publication date: 21 January 2005

Authors: Neiner, C., et al.

Journal: Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
Volume: 156
Issue: 2
Page: 237-245
Year: 2005

Copyright: The American Astronomical Society

The Ground-based Asteroseismology Uniform Database Interface (GAUDI) is the result of the preparatory work performed for the COROT satellite. In the data available in GAUDI we discovered 17 B-type stars that show emission in their Balmer lines and were not known to display such emission before, including at least 16 non-supergiant ones. We thus reclassify those stars as Be stars. These 17 new Be stars increase the number of Be stars in the field of view of COROT by ~25%, which is important for the target selection of the mission. Moreover, ~70% of the discovered Be stars are of late subtypes. Be stars have been mostly found among early subtypes until now, but this could be due to an observational bias. Finally, one of the discovered star is either a slowly rotating shell Be star or a Herbig Be star with a low vsini, which makes this star especially interesting.

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