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Diagram of Cos-B spacecraft, copyright ESA

Spacecraft labelled as per key below.

1 Anticoincidence Counter 8 Sun and Earth Albedo Sensors (Attitude Measurement)
2 Spark Chamber 9 Spin Thruster
3 Triggering Telescope 10 Precession Thruster (Attitude Control)
4 Energy Calorimeter 11 Nitrogen Tank (Attitude Control)
5 Pulsar Synchronizer 12 Neon Tank (Gas Flushing, Spark Chamber)
6 Structure 13 Solar Array
7 Superinsulation 14 Electronics

Cos-B was configured as a cylinder 1.40 m in diameter and 1.13 m long, with the main experiment package occupying the central region. The total mass at launch was 278 kg, of which the experiment was 118 kg.

Last Update: 1 September 2019
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