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Sectional View of the COS-B Experiment

Sectional View of the COS-B Experiment

Date: 31 July 1975
Satellite: Cos-B
Depicts: Cross-section of the gamma-ray telescope
Copyright: From Bignami et al., Space Sci. Instr. V1 (1975), p. 245-268

Cos-B carried a single large experiment, the gamma-ray telescope.

The gamma-ray detector features a magnetic-core, wire-matrix spark chamber, SC, triggered by a three-element (B1, B2, C) scintillation counter telescope. For gamma-ray selection a plastic scintillator guard counter (A) surrounding these two units is placed in anti-coincidence to reject triggers due to incident charged particles. Beneath the telescope is an energy calorimeter (E) consisting of a caesium iodide scintillator which absorbs the secondary particles produced by the incident photons.

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