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Second COS B catalog of high-energy gamma-ray sources

Second COS B catalog of high-energy gamma-ray sources

Publication date: 15 January 1981

Authors: Swanenburg, B.N., et al.

Journal: Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 243
Page: L69-L73
Year: 1981

Copyright: The American Astronomical Society

A list of 25 high-energy (greater than 100 MeV) gamma-ray sources detected by COS B is presented. Only four sources are identified with well-known objects. Of the remaining sources, 20 are at low galactic latitude, and they may represent a new galactic population. Their luminosity is estimated to be in the range of (0.4-5) x 1036 erg s-1. It is seen that several hundred such sources may exist in the galaxy. Their nature is not understood.

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