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SAS-2 high-energy gamma-ray observations of the VELA pulsar

SAS-2 high-energy gamma-ray observations of the VELA pulsar

Publication date: 01 September 1975

Authors: Thompson, D.J., et al.

Journal: Astrophysical Journal Letters
Volume: 200
Page: 79-82
Year: 1975

Copyright: American Astronomical Society

The Second Small Astronomy Satellite (SAS-2) high-energy (in excess of 35 MeV) gamma-ray telescope has detected pulsed gamma-ray emission at the radio period from PSR 0833-45, the Vela pulsar, as well as an unpulsed flux from the Vela region. The pulsed emission consists of two peaks following the single radio peak by about 13 ms and 48 ms. The luminosity of the pulsed emission above 100 MeV from Vela is about 0.1 that of the pulsar NP 0532 in the Crab nebula, whereas the pulsed emission from Vela at optical wavelengths is less than 0.0002 that from the Crab. The relatively high intensity of the pulsed gamma-ray emission, and the double peak structure, compared with the single pulse in the radio emission, suggest that the high-energy gamma-ray pulsar emission may be produced under different conditions from those at lower energies.

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