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SPICA Cryogenic Telescope Assembly - Science Requirements Document

SPICA Cryogenic Telescope Assembly - Science Requirements Document

Publication date: 15 January 2009

Authors: SPICA Telescope Science Study Team

Journal: ESA Science document (ref: RSSD-SPICA-002)
Issue: 1.2
Year: 2009

Copyright: ESA

This Science Requirements Document focuses on the SPICA Telescope Assembly, one of the contributions under study by ESA for its partner agency role in the JAXA led SPICA mission. This document will be the basis for the ESA Telescope Definition Document, and will be applicable to the SPICA Telescope Assembly Interface Control Document. The Science Requirements defined in this document address exclusively those aspects that have an impact on the SPICA Telescope Assembly specification. This document does not intend to cover all the Science Requirements of the SPICA mission, which are addressed in JAXA documents and are under the responsibility of JAXA. This document aims at showing clearly the links between Science Requirements, performance requirements and the Telescope scientific requirements, in order to help understand, trace and support the analysis of the relation between the telescope assembly specifications on the scientific objectives of the mission. [This is an abbreviated version of the original document abstract.]

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