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Cross-Scale Assessment Study - Executive Summary (EADS Astrium)

Cross-Scale Assessment Study - Executive Summary (EADS Astrium)

Publication date: 04 July 2009

Issue: 1
Page: 1-11

Copyright: EADS Astrium

Executive Summary of the mission study by EADS Astrium (Ref: CS.ASU.TN.ES). Cross-Scale is a mission that both builds on the advances from previous spacecraft missions like Cluster and also pushes the frontiers of knowledge in terms of magnetospheric dynamics, energy processes and couplings across different spatial and temporal scales. This is done by simultaneously measuring a minimum of two plasma scales (electron and ion scales in year 1 and then ion and fluid scales afterwards) with 7 spacecraft in two nested tetrahedral constellations (with a common apex), over a 5 year period. This document provides a concise summary of the findings from the ESA contract awarded to the Astrium Ltd study team, for the "System Design of the Cross-Scale Mission".

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