6th Announcement of Opportunity for Science Planners in the NASA-led IRIS mission
13 March 2020

This 6th Announcement of Opportunity (AO), open to scientists affiliated with institutes located in ESA Member States, solicits proposals for participation as Science Planners in the NASA-led IRIS mission. The deadline for proposals is 30 April 2020, 12:00 (noon) CEST.

Second Announcement: Voyage 2050 workshop, 29-31 October 2019, Madrid, Spain
2 September 2019

Registration is now open for the ESA Voyage 2050 workshop. The focus of this workshop will be presentations and discussions related to the White Paper proposals that have been submitted by the broad scientific community for Voyage 2050, the next planning cycle of the ESA Science Programme.

Call for White Papers in the Voyage 2050 long-term plan in the ESA Science Programme
4 March 2019The next planning cycle in ESA's Science Programme, Voyage 2050, is now underway. Ideas are solicited from the scientific community for the science themes that should be covered during the Voyage 2050 planning cycle, which covers the time period 2035-2050. The deadline for receipt of White Papers has passed.
Help shape ESA's space science programme
4 March 2019ESA's Science Directorate invited the public to share their views on the questions that Voyage 2050, ESA's space science programme for the 2035–2050 time frame, should address. The consultation period has passed and the survey is now closed.
Call for a Fast (F) mission opportunity in ESA's Science Programme
16 July 2018The ESA Director of Science solicits proposals from the scientific community in ESA Member States for a Fast (F) mission to be launched in the 2026-2028 timeframe.
The deadline for proposals passed on 25 October.



ESA's new mission to intercept a comet
19 June 2019'Comet Interceptor' has been selected as ESA's new fast-class mission in its Cosmic Vision Programme. Comprising three spacecraft, it will be the first to visit a truly pristine comet or other interstellar object that is only just starting its journey into the inner Solar System.
Günther Hasinger's science vision
5 February 2019An interview with ESA's Director of Science, Günther Hasinger, on space science at ESA – his reflections on last year's achievements and his visions for the future of space science.
Extended life for ESA's science missions
14 November 2018ESA's Science Programme Committee (SPC) has confirmed the continued operations of ten scientific missions in the Agency's fleet up to 2022.
ESA selects three new mission concepts for study
7 May 2018A high-energy survey of the early Universe, an infrared observatory to study the formation of stars, planets and galaxies, and a Venus orbiter are to be considered for ESA's fifth medium class mission in its Cosmic Vision science programme, with a planned launch date in 2032.
James Webb Space Telescope update: new launch window under review
27 March 2018The James Webb Space Telescope is undergoing final integration and testing that will require more time to ensure a successful mission. Following a new assessment of the remaining tasks on the highly complex space observatory, the launch window is now targeted for about May 2020.
ESA's next science mission to focus on nature of exoplanets
20 March 2018The nature of planets orbiting stars in other systems will be the focus for ESA's fourth medium-class science mission, to be launched in mid 2028.
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