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EChO Payload Definition Document

EChO Payload Definition Document

Publication date: 15 September 2012

Authors: EChO Team

Issue: 3
Year: 2012

Copyright: ESA

Reference: SRE-PA/2011.039/

This document aims at providing the description of the EChO reference payload complement. The payload complement comprises the following elements:

  • The telescope
  • The common optics, common in the sense that all alternative instrument designs must use this same set of fore-optics
  • The instruments:
    • The science instrument, defined as a spectrometer covering the complete wavelength range required in [EChO MRD (Mission Requirements Document), SRE-PA/2011.038/]. This wavelength range is split into different science channels.
    • The Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS, acting as a non-scientific instrument), also required in [EChO MRD (Mission Requirements Document), SRE-PA/2011.038/] to answer the pointing needs of the spacecraft.
It is also important to highlight that not all elements of this payload complement are applicable to all partners: specificities are foreseen with each partner, i.e. industry and instrument team(s) will have different responsibilities.

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