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Transit of Mercury schools challenge - shared data

Transit of Mercury schools challenge - shared data

As soon as the transit of Mercury 2016 is complete we ask that observers submit the longitude and latitude of their location, along with the contact times you recorded (including your time zone).The table below provides data submitted and made available for all participating in the 'Transit of Mercury schools challenge' to use.Data will be available here as soon as possible after 21:00 CEST on Monday 9 May 2016.

Some shared data is now available to download.

Images taken from ESTEC in the Netherlands are available to download here.

Images taken from the Kanzelhoehe Observatory,Austria are available here.

Images taken by the ESAC team in Tenerife are available here.

Note that information about the location that the images linked to above where taken is available in the shared data spreadsheet download.

When using the images of the transit of Mercury you can find out more information about when they were taken in the properties of the image file.

More will be added as and when it is received.

Last Update: 23 September 2021
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