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The European Space Agency's X-ray Observatory, EXOSAT, was operational from May 1983 to April 1986. During that time, EXOSAT made 1780 observations of a wide variety of objects, including active galactic nuclei, stellar coronae, cataclysmic variables, white dwarfs, X-ray binaries, clusters of galaxies, and supernova remnants. Natural decay of the orbit caused the satellite to enter the atmosphere on 6 May 1986.

Featured Articles

Featured Articles

History of X-ray Astronomy in Europe: From EXOSAT to Athena
11 October 2018The history of X-ray astronomy spans no more than a few decades. It features pioneering technology and spectacular discoveries about cosmic objects near and far, with ESA playing an increasingly major role over the past 35 years.
13-Jun-2024 03:09 UT

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