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The X-ray response of epitaxial GaAs

The X-ray response of epitaxial GaAs

Publication date: 02 May 1999

Authors: Owens, A., et al.

Journal: Journal of Applied Physics
Volume: 85
Issue: 11
Page: 7522-7527
Year: 1999

Copyright: American Institute of Physics

We summarise the results of a number of X-ray experiments on an epitaxial GaAs device carried out in both our laboratory and at the PTB Radiometry Laboratory at the BESSY Synchrotron Radiation Source. The detector has a diameter of 1.5 mm and is fully depleted to a depth of 40 micron. It has been characterized as a function of energy, bias and temperature. At -35 °C we determine the charge collection efficiency to be 97% and find that energy resolutions ranging from 730 to 930 eV fwhm can be readily achieved using conventional pre-amplifiers over the energy range 6-60 keV. By considering the various contributions to the fwhm, we show that leakage current and charge trapping noise dominate the resolution function. From detector modelling we determine the effective electron and hole density/cross section products to be 7 and 3 cm-1, respectively.

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