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The detection of 6 keV X-rays with Nb junctions

The detection of 6 keV X-rays with Nb junctions

Publication date: 15 March 1989

Authors: Gare, P., et al.

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Volume: 25
Issue: 2
Page: 1351-1353
Year: 1989

Copyright: IEEE

Refractory metal Nb/Al/Al-oxide/Al/Nb junctions are shown to be sensitive to 6-keV X-rays over the temperature range from 2.8 to 1.4 K. For such junctions, which have an observed minimum ionizing energy of 12 MeV, a limiting energy resolution of 8 eV is predicted. Currently an energy resolution of 250 eV is observed at 1.4 K which is primarily dominated by system electronic noise. The Nb-based junctions are shown to be very stable with respect to thermal cycling while the nonequilibrium physics can be simply scaled from the theory of Sn junctions. It is concluded that on-chip arrays having a broad band pass and good energy resolution should be feasible to construct.

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